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Born and raised in Sanford, Maine, Guy is the eldest of two sons.  Guy's father was a high school history teacher and sports coach, and his mother was a home-maker.  His mother later went on to write numerous history articles, a book of poetry, and the nonfiction books "Parenting Myself" and "A Child's Life 90 Years ago".  Guy's brother Adam is a decorated Army veteran, having served in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan, where he earned the Bronze Star for leadership.

While studying history in college, Guy realized a passion for screenwriting and a desire to become a filmmaker.  He worked as a cameraman at a television studio in Bangor, Maine.  He went on a student exchange to study film production at California State University at Fresno and he took various writing courses, including an intensive screenwriting course from Hollywood script guru Syd Field at the International Film and Television Workshops in Rockport, Maine.  By the time he graduated from the University of Maine with a Bachelors degree in history, Guy had completed his first screenplay entitled, "The Magic of a Lifetime".

In the 1990s, Guy decided to pack his bags and migrate south to Florida.  Having family in the Sunshine State, he thought it would be a great place to write and work on his screenplays.  Soon after,  "The Magic of a Lifetime" was in consideration by Miramax Studios and had secured letters of intent from actors such as Burgess Meredith (Mickey from "Rocky"), Sherman Hemsley (television’s George Jefferson), Brigitte Nielsen ("Red Sonja", "Beverly Hills Cop II" and "Rocky IV") and director Brian G. Hutton ("High Road to China", "Where Eagles Dare").  

While earning his Masters degree in history from the University of South Florida, Guy went on to write more screenplays and short stories, including a spec script of a G.I. Joe movie, and scripts entitled, "The Paper Trail", "The Widowmaker", and "Tried and True", which was pitched to several studios.

Guy’s love of history inspired him to begin researching and writing his first novel.  The result was "Long Live the King: Book One of the Charlemagne Saga", which built a national and international audience, reaching #17 on Amazon's list of English-language downloads in Germany. Guy's second novel is "Proof of Passion", a story many years in the making, originating as the screenplay "Tried and True". Guy's third novel, "The Girl in the Polka-Dot Dress" was selected as a finalist for the prestigious Claymore Award in the suspense category at the 2022 Killer Nashville Writer's Conference. 

Guy and his wife Julie often spend summers with the family in Maine. The rest of the year Guy can be found in Florida working on his next novel. 

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