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Long Live the King:  Book One of the Charlemagne Saga


Immerse yourself ...

in the thrilling adventure

of a young woman

who is thrown into an ancient mystery

that forces her to question everything

she knows about her life and her family.  


A powerful, secret organization.

An audacious scheme.

Questionable loyalties.

And the priceless talisman of Charlemagne. 

Josie Ersman escapes a life of deception in America to make a fresh start in Germany.  But she soon finds that her new world is more dangerous than the one she left behind.

Her German employer plans to clone Charlemagne, the greatest medieval king, and install him at the head of the European Union.  But there is an age old secret concerning who is buried in Charlemagne’s tomb.  Will they attempt to clone the magnificent monarch or an evil imposter? 

Through no choice of her own Josie finds herself at the center of their bold experiment and a lightning rod for danger.  She turns to an exciting Englishman, who has ties to her employer and its adversaries.  Their attraction is immediate and undeniable, but can she trust this enigmatic man? 

With peril at every turn and enemies chasing her from country to country, across continents, Josie uncovers clues that will solve the twelve hundred year old mystery of Charlemagne…a puzzle that has ramifications for every person living on the European continent.

Long Live the King is a suspense-filled novel that will keep you guessing until the very last page!



Proof of Passion picture2.png


                                      Eric Stafford is the son of the most powerful attorney in Massachusetts. With good looks, intelligence, wealth and charm, he’s poised to sail through his final year of law school and take the world by storm. All he needs to do is play his role.  

But he can’t.

For every night he leads the playboy life of top shelf Scotch and beautiful women, he wakes with a longing for something real. His gut aches with a passion for the truth, and he can’t resist the desire to lash out against his corrupt father, Alten Stafford.   

When he meets Kathy Stevens, he finds a witty and gorgeous woman who is his intellectual equal. She challenges him to do something unexpected with his final school project – to defend the Resurrection of Jesus Christ in mock court. 


Eric leaps at the challenge, seeing it as an opportunity to romance Kathy while getting out from under his father’s thumb. But Kathy has her own ideas about romance and they don’t include playboys, while Alten is determined to teach his insubordinate son a lesson in a very public way.


Solving mankind’s greatest mystery becomes only part of Eric’s challenge. If he wants to be Kathy’s man, he’ll have to make radical changes in his life. He’ll have to put his own future on the line to protect hers. And, in a shocking twist, he’ll have to argue against her in court – defending her beliefs while she prosecutes them. 

The Girl in the Polka-Dot Dress

In the early morning hours of June 5, 1968, The Girl in the Polka-Dot Dress ran down a fire escape, exclaiming, “We shot him! We shot him!”

“Who?” asked a witness.

“We’ve shot Senator Kennedy.”


2018 – Fifty Years Later. Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Frank Caron is enjoying a highpoint in his career and the excitement of his new relationship with Sasha Frye. An amateur hypnotist, Sasha convinces him to let her treat his mother’s dementia with hypnotherapy. It’s supposed to do wonders for dementia-sufferers, but it backfires. Horribly.

Under hypnosis, his mother makes a most unusual comment. “I don’t like this dress,” she says. “But I have to wear it for him to die. And Robert Kennedy must die.”

Frank is stunned. So is Sasha. What are they supposed to make of a comment like that? Can their new relationship handle the burden of learning such a shocking revelation?

One thing is for certain: neither can ignore it. What they do separately ignites the fire of ambition in Frank’s over-zealous boss, the District Attorney. It upends the California legal system. And it reawakens an evil that didn’t stop then – and won’t stop now – to keep its secrets hidden.

Through it all, there’s one burning question Frank must have answered: was his mother a conspirator in the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy?

What he learns is far more than a simple yes or no.

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